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Smash blood thief: Angry Bugs


Smash the mosquito is best Tap game and easy to play, which everyone can enjoy to pass time with superb graphics in wonderful 3d environment. Tap Tap blood thief is a fun game which improves hand to eye coordination for kids as well.The Story: Beware! the most deadliest blood bug of earth is getting clever and more powerful than ever before. Save the world by smashing angry mosquitoes, who are causing dengue and malaria to thousands of people.
Fun doesn't end there yet it offers multiple challenging levels with more strong, intelligent and faster generations of angry mosquitoes to attack. But nothing to worry, you can get more special power up to smash these angry bugs of malaria which includes mosquito repellent lotion, coils, electric racket and attacking smoke bombs.
Smash blood thief: Angry Bug Features:★ 6 species of blood hungry mosquitoes★ easy game play and Tap Tap challenges to attack angry bugs★ exciting graphics and 3d animated characters★ special power up ( mosquito repellent lotion, blood thief killing coils, smoke bombs and electric racket)★ 20 levels and hours of fun game play for kids and family.★ Compete on leader-boards and unlock achievements★ Look out for awesome new updates!